Great Passive Income is a blog, by which I want to show how easy, or hard, it is to generate passive income. There are tons of books, blogs, YouTube videos that supposedly show you how to earn money and basically do nothing to earn it. Problem is, that if it would be so simple everyone would do it. And if you read this text you probably already know that this is not the case.

I want for this blog to be a platform, which is going to test my and others IDEAS. I want to show step by step how I approached different methods, what ware the challenges that I needed to overcome, and how much actual EFFORT went in them. But most of all I want to show RESULTS.

As you have probably notice I have printed three words in uppercase – IDEA, EFFORT and RESULT. That is my formula for this blog. Take the idea, put in into the test and see how much time it consumes and see how much money can you really make out of it.

A few words about me. My name is Gerard and I am a Project Manager and IT Consultant. I have my own consulting business – Golden Point Solutions, where I help people solve their IT problems. I live in Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada. I am a geek who like all sorts of gadgets, I have great passion for sports cars and love traveling. I am a dreamer, driver, student and teacher, husband, gamer, friend, maker.

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