This blog has a purpose, to create a platform on which you can learn how to achieve financial freedom. It is not simple. If it was everyone would do it. But through hard work and persistence I plan to create knowledge big enough so anyone can use it to start their passive income streams. To help me achieve this state here are some goals to help me get it done.

Great Passive Income Goals

  1. At least 1 post a week,
  2. At the end of each month publish a result report -achieved goals, effort, income
  3. Test at least one new idea every three months.
  4. Within a year lunch YouTube channel as a companion to this blog

My Personal Goals

  1. Create enough passive income to pay all my bills every month no matter how much are they – within some reason 🙂  , I would like to achieve this goal within 5 years.
  2. Learn about internet tools, marketing, create networks of contacts,
  3. Improve my English language skills – please correct me as much as you like.

Those lists will change with time. I broke it down to goals for the blog and for myself. It is relatively easy to set up a blog, but it is much harder to continue, so I broke it down to smaller goals that are easier to achieve and monitor at the some time.

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