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Hello World – I wrote those words so many times. I did try to become software developer a few times. I can write some code but I am not a programmer. What I am is a Project Manager. And this is my new project. I know that typical definition of a project says that is is a temporary, unique set of actions, and it has a beginning and an end with clear defined result. In PMP by PMI they also add quality levels to it. I use the term project quite loose here but with few conditions that I want to put on myself it can look almost like project.

Here is a nutshell of what this blog is about:

  • Test all ways of passive income sources,
  • Explain how they work (or not),
  • See how much actual time is required to create a stream of passive income,
  • Collide effort with results after 1, 3 6 and 12 months to show exactly what can you expect out of different sources.

Formula is simple – take an idea form internet or some book and put it into test, monitor effort required to set it up and than to run it, show results.

Each idea is going to be tested in similar fashion. Process will look like this:

  1. Set up – preparation / installation / other etc,
  2. Monitor time and effort required for set up,
  3. Initialize marketing and all actions required to make  it work
  4. Monitor  time and effort required for marketing,
  5. Summarize results and create report after every month,
  6. Run each idea for at least a 6-9 months to see what kind of potential it has, if it has some continue for at least 12 months.

Most of all I want to see one thing. Is it really possible to create a stream of income that will require ZERO effort. Because for me that is a true passive income. The one that after set up and some time required it make it work turns into something that I call FINANCIAL PERPETUUM MOBILE.

Gerard Pietrykiewicz

Gerard Pietrykiewicz

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